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compact information for people who stay active in their free time.
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Frequency of publication
Day of publication
Sold circulation acc. to IVW II/2020
63,499 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
4,530.00 EUR
Copy price
1.79 EUR
Reach acc. to ma 2020/II
210,000 total, 170,000 women
Cost per thousand (CPT) 1/1 bw / coloured
21.08 EUR total
Britta Behrens

die 2

TV + Stars

die 2 stands is known for its quickest updates. No other TV-guide releases so shortly before the program starts!

The guide covers all the latest news from the royals over international stars to the hottest party of the week.

die 2 is always top informed!

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