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3 in 1 ! TV, Riddle & Leisure

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Britta Behrens
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Bild Woche

3 in 1 ! TV, Riddle & Leisure

"More advice, more action, more tips for every day"

This is what the new concept of Bild Woche stands for. On the one hand, the TV-program offers detailed consultation with tips and information concerning all areas of everyday life. On the other hand, it entertains the reader with “stories, written by life itself” which are also always connected to expert advice.

Bild Woche extends its editorial content in the TV-guide. Additionally to the guide, Bild Woche covers 120 tips on specific areas on weekly basis.

However, these have little to do with the typical TV-program advice. They are rather exciting background reports about stars, service tips or small fun elements for a quick TV break.

This is how Bild Woche managed to establish a unique USP and TV-guide in the industry branch of weekly TV-magazines.

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