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Frequency of publication
Day of publication
Sold circulation acc. to IVW II/2020
307,074 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
29.850.00 EUR
Copy price
1.49 EUR
Reach acc. to ma 2020/II
990,000 total, 480,000 women
Cost per thousand (CPT) 1/1 bw / coloured
30.21 EUR total
Britta Behrens


My television magazine

FUNK UHR is a television magazine, which due to its competent reporting and thematic orientation predominantly speaks to women, although it is also frequently read by men. 9 Pages of the magazine, offer a straightforward television program guide, where the readers can find detailed information on the various shows. Beginning with a double-page spread, personalities who are selected by editors present their TV-highlights of the day. Apart from the TV-guide, FUNK UHR offers topics concerning health and wellness, background information and the latest news regarding nutrition, fashion, beauty, relationship & family advice as well as advice on topics like money, law, home-keeping, various reports on extraordinary people, stories full of emotion and a requested topic every month.

FUNK UHR is like a girlfriend. It shows the reader, that she knows them and provides them with a feeling of “It's like you thought – I'm on your side”.

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