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compact information for people who stay active in their free time.
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Frequency of publication
Day of publication
Sold circulation acc. to IVW III/2020
122,486 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
6,620.00 EUR
Copy price
1.49 EUR
Reach acc. to ma 2020/II
460,000 total, 300,000 women
Cost per thousand (CPT) 1/1 bw / coloured
14,26 EUR total
Britta Behrens

Super TV

Super TV is a wide-ranging weekly TV-guide in the new federal states of Germany. The unique focus of Super TV lies on the consumer information.

In its main focal points of the advisory elements, Super TV is a highly renowned, competent counselor in everyday life. This is true not only in terms of professionalism, but also due to a good price-performance ratio. Thus, the spend-friendly, nonetheless price-conscious readers are not only more than well informed due to the “TV-super-smart-saver”, but also receive a lot more for their money's worth. This concept consistently stretches through the TV-guide. TV-programs, that support this concept are marked with a “money-saver” symbol.

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