Yoga Easy GmbH & Co.KG

YogaEasy is Germany's first and leading online yoga studio. The idea behind it is to switch on the computer or mobile phone, roll out the mat and practice yoga in a very uncomplicated and customized manner with the best yoga teachers in the country. Exactly how it suits one. More than 700 professional yoga and mediation videos made by more than 50 well-known yoga experts are available online or offline on the app. Depending on the personal wishes and his level of competence, the user can choose between slow or flow, short and crisp for an energy boost in between or a long session like he knows it from the physical studio. There are also special programs and retreats as well as tutorials, interviews and lots of inspiration in the magazine section.

The company, based in Hamburg-Winterhude, was founded in 2009 by Henrike Fröchling and has over 500,000 registered users.