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Roland Hag
Frequency of publication
Day of publication
Sold circulation acc. to IVW III/2020
55,533 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / colored
14,970.00 EUR
Copy price
2.80 EUR
Reach acc. to ma II/2020
590,000 total, 510,000 women
Cost per thousand (CPT) 1/1 bw/colored
25.40 EUR


The Lifestyle Magazine of Celebrities

Emotional! Red hot! All the info!

OK! – First for celebrity news.

The hottest gossip from the world of the superstars. The stories behind the headlines. The coolest trends. Fashion, beauty and more!

OK! moves with the time! It is the world's only celebrity magazine to connect with its readers and web users at every stage of their lives: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has a unique single-brand multichannel strategy, and exclusive content generated by the global OK! contributor network each and every day.
No other celebrity magazine connects print, digital, and social media channels as seamlessly and authentically as OK!.

OK! keeps its online readers informed and entertained for the rest of the day via Facebook, Twitter and – the most successful celebrity magazine website for young audiences.
OK! is faster, more up-to-date and more flexible; it has its finger firmly on the pulse, and is connected 24/7. The reader is immersed in the glamourous and exciting lives of the stars.

OK! – the brand that never sleeps.

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