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Iss dich gesund

Better life with pleasure
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Carolin Streck
Frequency of publication
4x a year
Advertisement price 1/1 bw/colored
13,900 EUR
Copy price
4.95 EUR

Iss dich gesund

Better life with pleasure

The magazine ISS DICH GESUND is all about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. It provides you with meaningful knowledge instead of just talking about losing weight, annoying diets or fast-paced trends.

The specialty of ISS DICH GESUND: We talk about how the right diet can prevent different diseases or improve the health in general. The results are shown by real people and experiences. On top of that ISS DICH GESUND provides readers with numerous delicious recipes for the entire day.

ISS DICH GESUND has a partner on its side: Dr. Matthias Riedl is one of the nutritional doctors of the TV show "Ernährungs-Docs" and a successful author. He is the medical expert of the magazine.

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