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Lufthansa One

Das Mitarbeitermagazin der Lufthansa
Editor in Chief
Liliane El Omari
Target Group
Women 30 years of age and older who are interested in cooking and baking
Frequency of publication
6 x per anno
printed circulation
80,000 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
3,000.00 EUR
Copy price
2,50 EUR

Rezepte mit Pfiff

Pleasure has a name: Rezepte mit Pfiff.

The great Winston Churchill (1874-1965) once said: “Man should give his body something nice, so the soul wants to live inside it”. How right he was! It is not very surprising that there’s another proverb that goes: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

And for whom do women cook most often? That’s right, for their loved ones! The food should be tasty, as well as simple, quick and inexpensive for every day. Every month, Rezepte mit Pfiff also contains plenty of ideas and suggestions for life’s special occasions.

The tasty variety is seasoned with valuable tips and tricks that make cooking easier – and add a pinch of finesse to preparation.

Naturally, we also place a lot of significance on the sweet side of life: tempting fruit flans, creamy tarts, muffins and more – with Rezepte mit Pfiff, every day is a treat!

Andrea Müseleditor
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