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Petra weiß, was kommt
Tim Affeld
Stellv. Chefredakteurin
Julia Wöltjen
Ingrid Rose
Verkaufte Auflage lt. IVW III. Quartal 2018
85.406 Exemplare
Anzeigenpreis 1/1 sw/farbig*:
16.460,00 EUR
2,10 EUR
Reichweite lt. ma 2018/II
690.000 Gesamt, 670.000 Frauen
TKP 1/1 sw / farbig:
23,66 EUR
TAP 1/1 sw / farbig:
190,85 Gesamt
IVW, MA, b4p best for planning, t.o.m.pharma


Leute. Lifestyle. Leben.

IN – LEUTE * LIFESTYLE * LEBEN creates an entirely new genre of women’s entertainment magazines.
It delivers a unique blend of exciting celebrity news, gripping features on every-day heroes, and insight into key societal issues. It’s authentic, upfront, and up-close. 

IN is style
Our fashion and beauty section boasts a dynamic mix of lavish spreads, at-a-glance guides and shopping advice. This is where stars, designers, and experts share their inside knowledge. Like our readers, the new IN is full of life, never stands still and is always in on the latest trends. 

IN is inspiration
Explore Cuba with Gisele Bündchen and the Maldives with Kylie Minogue. And find out where to get the best fashion deals in Milan, London, or Paris. Get on board as IN airlines takes you around the world. 

Guilt-free indulgence – we advise on quick, healthy and delicious meals and reveal new, exciting takes on all-time favourite dishes. IN cuisine has the top tips and tricks for you to try at home.

Gym or great outdoors? Yoga or meditation? Low carb, alkaline, or macrobiotic diets? Every week, IN brings you the latest lifestyle trends for body and soul. 

IN is high society
Drinks with Tom Ford or Kate Moss, living it up at the Coachella festival with Cara Delevigne: IN takes you to the world’s most glamorous events, and reveals who’s partying all night – with whom. 

IN – LEUTE * LIFESTYLE * LEBEN. It’s more than just a celebrity magazine.

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