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Female emotions – they can make us feel happy or sad, make our hearts race and sometimes cause tears to well up in our eyes.

We – the editorial staff at Frau mit Herz know a lot about the emotional lives of women, with all their facets that are reminiscent of the subtle colours of a rainbow.

Week after week, our team, which consists of mostly female editors, photo journalists and layout specialists, fascinates our readership with great dedication and passion with all of the enthralling news that have happened in the worlds of royalty, show business and high society. We bring you the best pictures, the most engrossing background reports, detailed insights and exclusive interviews. Always up-to-date, always informative and full of emotion.

So what do we all have in common with our readers? We have a deep passion for life, its ups and downs – it’s thrilling, beautiful and painful parts. As journalists we suffer with the people we write about – we feel for them and share their joy. That’s why it is a given that we also report on the touching destinies of "everyday" people and animals.

We also present delicious recipes, advise you in daily issues and health matters, create enthusiasm for new fashion and beauty trends, take you away to different worlds in our romantic love stories or suspenseful mysteries. The magazine also features a series of puzzles and sweepstakes. Our number one priority is to stay close to our readers – every call, every letter of praise or criticism is taken very seriously. We read them all.

After all, we, the editorial office live in the world of Frau mit Herz as well...



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