Erweiterung Lea-Markenfamilie: 1. Lea KREATIV Do it yourself

The KLAMBT Media Group is expanding the brand family of the successful, women's weekly magazine Lea with another special issue.

On 20 September 2017, the Lea special edition Lea KREATIV Do it Yourself! will appear for the first time alongside the regular edition. Using ultra-modern imagery, Lea KREATIV DiY shows countless beautiful ideas for designing, embellishing and decorating your own four walls. The new special issue picks up on the do-it-yourself trend and is aimed at active women who want to beautify their home and use their free time for creative projects – with new techniques such as Shibori or hand lettering, through upcycling, innovative wall design or with atmospheric lights. In addition to the trend workshop and many knitting and handicraft instructions, Lea KREATIV DiY also offers practical step-by-step instructions for minor repairs in the household as well as delicious cooking and surprising beauty recipes.

Lea KREATIV Do it Yourself! has a length of 84 pages and is available in in retail for 2.50 euros.