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The pleasure magazine
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Target Group
All women who are interested in hairstyle suggestions
Frequency of publication
4 times a year
printed circulation
90,000 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
3,000.00 EUR
Copy price
3.50 EUR

Welt der Frau Frisuren

High-fashion haircuts, wearable hairstyles, creations by hair experts and stylists, coloring tips and tricks, styling innovations and before-and-after pictures and stories – all that and much more is included in the special by Welt der Frau called Frisuren, which comes out four times a year. Those who want a new hairstyle, or want to know what's hot in terms of color and style, need Welt der Frau - Frisuren!

Andrea MüselHead of special issues
Rotweg 8, 76532 Baden-Baden
+49 (7221) 3501 - 130
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