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Welt der Frau

That's my world!
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Andrea Röthe

Welt der Frau

That's my world!

Welt der Frau consciously sets new accents in the world of entertaining women’s magazines. It considers itself an engrossing supplement to the palette of informative women’s publications and puts the spotlight on itself thanks to its generous size (230 x 295 mm) and elegant high gloss covers. Readers appreciate the well-organized and structured presentation of the topics – fashion, beauty, cooking, travel, health and dietary programme hits.

On its 64 pages, this magazine covers the entire spectrum of a modern woman’s life in detail. It provides lots of information and carefully researched editorial content. The generously designed visuals make the presentation of photos in the fashion, beauty care, recipe and travel segments particularly attractive.

The news reports focus on stories depicting the destinies of "people just like you and I" hands-on. Expert advice complements the journalistic reports. Readers receive genuine assistance on topics such as excessive debt, emergencies, love, marriage, partnership, living with neighbours and educational issues. Emigration? Debt traps? Unemployment? Compelled to sell your house or farm? Neighbourhood topics that move all of us. Everything that affects the lives of women.

The latest travel reports take readers through Germany; introduce metropolises such as Hamburg and Bremen. The segment also provides topical information on vacation destinations we all dream to visit – such as Mallorca, Tenerife or South Africa. The magazine introduces the most beautiful beaches, most romantic restaurants and the newest shopping malls.

In the self-help section, experts offer readers advice on topics such as rent, money, pensions, vacations – even cats and dogs. The specialists are also available to take reader phone calls and have all of the right answers.

Welt der Frau brings beauty and more value to women’s lives – thanks to positive journalism!

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