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Stars und Melodien

for german pop and folk music fans

Adel Aktuell

At home in the royal palaces

Lea Advent

Bake with love, cook and decorate

Lea Advent Backen & Kochen

The pleasure magazine
external sales
Target Group
Folk music and pop music lovers
Frequency of publication
6 times a year
printed circulation
70,000 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
3,300.00 EUR
Copy price
2.30 EUR

Stars und Melodien

for german pop and folk music fans

What’s new on the pop and folk music scene?

Every two months, the magazine Stars und Melodien provides the folksy family of fans with information and numerous exclusive stories. Readers find out about concert dates and innovations on the music market and can socialize with other fans. They find exclusive coverage on their favourite pop and folk musicians, and every issue contains a large special on a particular artist with a poster. The section called "Herzblatt-Treff" invites single people to join in. Readers will also find service topics such as traditional dresses, hiking equipment, cosmetics and coveted travel destinations.