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Happy Way

The new magazine for happyness

Iss dich gesund

Better life with pleasure
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Frequency of publication
3 monthly/4 x p. a.
Day of publication
printed circulation
80,000 issues
Advertisement price 1/1 bw / coloured*
6,570.00 EUR
Copy price
6.40 EUR
Beatrix Kruse

Happy Way

The new magazine for happyness

Happy Way focuses on sustainability, wholesome life and a quest for meaning. The topics base on themes such as travel, wisdom, psychology, partnership advice, personal hygiene, nature, recipes, self-tests, case study reports, yoga and creativity.

Happy Way deals with wisdom, well-being and psychology, without any hocus-pocus. The editorial department seeks to establish a connection between spirit, heart and soul, to widen life by a dimension without losing the grip on reality.

Happy Way stands out due to its high-end feel and quality, wonderful coverages, reports and interviews, outstanding photos, easy-to-read texts and excellent layouts.

Happy Way stands for openness, tolerance and curiosity.

Happy Way wishes to inspire, without changing its readers.
The editorial staff sees itself as your companions on the quest for happiness. It's all about outer AND inner beauty.

Happy Way is a magazine for people, who seek to discover their inner being and make life more beautiful.

Happy Way invites to be calm, to take pleasure in things and to smile and sets a contrast in day-to-day life, which is increasingly becoming more superficial and difficult.

Happy Way is an invitation to take a little time-out from daily life and to explore your inner depths.

Beatrix KruseEditor-in-chief
Redaktion Happy Way Colonnaden 18 20354 Hamburg
0049 40 / 350 166 320
0049 40 / 4118825204