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Happy Way

The new magazine for happyness

Iss dich gesund

Besser Leben mit Genuss

feel good

The young health magazine
Carolin Streck
Frequency of publication
4x a year
Advertisement price 1/1 bw/colored
13,500 EUR
Copy price
1.95 EUR

feel good

The young health magazine

FEEL GOOD ist the new, young magazine about health.

FEEL GOOD percieves "healthy" not so much as just the opposite of "ill". Rather the magazine guides the modern woman in her role as "family-manager" through the Health Megatrend, where wellness, fitness, mindfulness und medicine all merge into each other.

FEEL GOOD inspires trust with in-depth journalistic expertise. Consulting directly with the reader in co-operation with leading experts and offering practical, tangible and real life tips. With a mix of topics from body & soul, through trends and e-health to children`s health.

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